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About Us






We share your goals and concerns, as your strategic business partner...





UGD is a logistic company in the field of international transport that has been authorized by the Proof of Entitlement "R2" by the Ministry of Transport in Turkey.


UGD, with the highly experienced team in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčInternational transport, has managed to be the Customers' strategic business partner by sharing their goals and concerns, with its primary "reliable service" principals, since the beginning.


UGD, with its "unconditional customer satisfaction principle" oriented team, offering their customers with the innovations that create differences together, both in the costs and difference benefits to be able to be competitive in the industry.


Without compromising from any ethical rules and legal obligations, UGD, is ongoing its journey with confidence; with the investment in people and technology, it has become one of the respected names in the field in a short time of period.


UGD operate successfully to / from the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and the Turkic Republics, including the Baltic Republics, Eastern-Central-Western European countries and Middle East countries.


With the knowledge, skills and agency network, UGD offers customers convenient and secure solutios on the Heavy Tonnage Projects and Specific missions.